Monday, November 8, 2010

Cake Fantasy

We are on our way to a friend's birthday party. Delilah is famous for her spectacular and spectacularly delicious cakes. i, however, am on a diet and so Sir reminds me before we get there that i will have to politely refuse cake when it is offered to me. All goes well until my friend's husband, Jake, asks me to come into the kitchen to light the candles and start the happy birthday song parade out to Delilah. When i enter the kitchen, Jake is awkwardly working to light the candles and rearrange them. he is hopeless at it, so i ask him if he would like me to take over and he gratefully sighs yes. As i am working to rearrange and light the candles on the cake, i get some frosting on my finger. i absentmindedly lick the frosting off. My eyes roll heavenward as the soft, rich chocolatey frosting melts on my tongue and that is when i see that J is standing in the doorway watching me. "krys, i thought you told me you were on a diet and that you weren't having any cake today." i blush from the top of my forehead down to my throat and i swallow before attempting to explain, but he cuts me off before i can say anything. J grabs my wrist and asks Jake if we can use the laundryroom. Jake says something about the cake, but J, to my dismay, is leading me into the adjoining room and hollering back, "you can punish her for the delay after i am done with her."
"Take your time!" i hear Jake yell back at J. i am mortified, but speechless. J leaves the door open and glares at me. "Take off your clothes," he says, impatiently and i do, even while i am begging him to wait until we get home. "No," He says. "This is important. you gave me your word. you told me it was important to you and then, at the first opportunity, you threw the plan away. you need immediate correction." i can feel that Jake is listening in and in fact, the entire party has gotten quiet as Sir has been lecturing me. He seems completely unfazed and focused on the task. "Face the wall," He tells me and i do. i press my arms to the wall and thrust my ass out, like at home. He has removed his belt. "Ask for it," He tells me. "Please correct me with Your belt, Sir," i say. He places one hand in the small of my back and with the other begins whipping my ass with forceful strokes. He is slow and deliberate, making me feel every stroke. He catches my pussy, which is swelling with arousal, and i moan and thrust my ass higher. i hear the noise of the party guests crowding around the doorway, but J is never distracted. When He is finished, He merely stops and replaces His belt. He turns me around and hugs me. i see the crowd over his shoulder and i feel humiliated, but grateful that He has punished me, as well. He breaks the hug and turns back to the party guests. i look around for my dress, but J says, "oh, no, krys. you have lost the privilege of clothes until the party guests are satisfied. i believe you owe Delilah an apology.
i look from my Master to Delilah, whose mouth is hanging open. i look at her and say, "i am sorry Sir had to punish me and that you had to wait for your birthday cake, Delilah. i am sorry i was a bad girl and disrupted your nice party." J asks Delilah if she is satisfied with my apology and she twists her mouth and looks down, disgusted. "I'm really not, J." "I don't blame you," He says to her. "This is your day, but SOMEONE had to selfishly steal the spotlight." He looks at her with pity and then goes to her and takes her hand. "And you spent so long on that birthday cake. Can you tell me how you made it?" "Well," she begins, tentatively, "of course it is entirely made by hand." J takes her hands and rubs them. "I have a new use for those hands, Delilah." They both look at me. Still holding her hands, he tells me, "go get a chair so Delilah can sit down, krys and be quick about it." i rush into the other room, not covering up my nakedness, but just grabbing the first chair i can find and bringing it to my Master. He tells me to set it down and he seats Delilah in it. He lays me across her lap and He positions me so that my head is almost facing the ground. He shows her how to clamp her legs around mine so i can't move, but He warns me not to move for good measure. "Whenever you are ready, Delilah. Spank that selfish girl until you are satisfied she has paid her debt. Don't worry if she cries or begs. She can be a little con artist sometimes."
Delilah doesn't need to be told twice and she starts spanking my ass with hard fast strokes. He tells her to spank in one place if she really wants to get my attention and he asks her more about how she prepared the cake. "I had to bead the eggs with a spoon," she says, with a devilish smile. J asks someone in the kitchen to get him a wooden spoon. In between the slaps Delilah is landing on my already sensitive ass, i hear laughter and appreciative gasps and footsteps hurrying to the kitchen to get the spoon.
i do start to cry because i hate the spoon so very much. The humiliation is the least of my concerns anymore as i start to whimper and then cry and then scream out as she lands the blows hard and slow and deliberate. "i'm sorry," i cry, but Delilah seems to take that as fuel and she begins striking the same spot over and over and over again with the spoon. i try to move, but she is mush stronger than i ever noticed and i have so remain and take my punishment. "How long did you have to beat those eggs, Delilah?" J asks her and she replies, "until they formed stiff peaks," she says, never missing a stroke. J tells Delilah to stand me up to everyone can see if "stiff peaks" have formed. i am standing, a bit wobbly, in front of all the guests and i can see that some of the women are flushed and some of the guys are trying to rearrange their hard-ons.

J asks Jake to grab a soft spatula and a helpful guest hands one to him. "Jake," J says," would you believe my little slut here actually gets turned on by this kind of attention?" Look at her tits. Maybe they aren't "stiff" peaks, but i bet we can correct that. He tells me to stand up straight and stick my tits out and then He tells Jake how to spank my tits until they get nice and hard and stand at attention. i look straight ahead as Jake begins and i feel myself getting more and more aroused despite myself. J tells Jake to continue, but that He and Delilah are going to serve cake to the guests who "Have had to wait long enough!" He says, and lands a particularly hard strike on my left ass cheek as He goes. "Thank you, Sir," i say, automatically, but He just leads Delilah out to the kitchen.

Jake continues striking my tits, excited by the response he gets from my body as he does so. J comes in and takes the spatula from Jake. Everyone, by now, has a plate of cake and is moaning with pleasure as they dig in. They all eat in front of me, but one guest apologizes and says that the cake is too rich, that she can't finish. She goes to throw it away, but J tells her to throw it away on me. "Don't put it in her mouth," He tells her, but you can put it in her cunt or up her ass, or just smear it on her. Don't worry about making a mess. krys is going to clean everything up when we are all finished with her.

The guests get into put their uneaten cake on me and in me and other guests enjoy "second helpings" of cake eaten off and out of my body.

After the guests leave, i am allowed to shower and then clean up after the party.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Rest For the Wicked

My Master, J, and i had been working with each other for a few weeks. He had been working to tame me. i had been working to serve Him. As we were both very busy with work and family obligations, our time together was very precious and Master kept me very busy during the week. For the first several weeks, i had been very diligent writing my reports every day, keeping up with my exercise routine, keeping the apartment nice and neat, etc., but little by little, i had learned that i could slack, here and there, just a tiny bit. So long as i got my reports to Sir at the end of the week, i could double up on reports if i got busy with other things, for instance. i didn't see the harm in it, and if i am completely honest, i have to say i got a perverse little pleasure out of bending the rules. That all changed in a big way on Friday.

Master had told me that he would not be able to see me Friday and so i figured i would have all day Friday to get ready for an extended session on Saturday. i was disappointed, but also relieved in a way because i had not gotten all my logs done and i had bitten my nails down during the week and now had an opportunity to book a session at the spa to get that "fixed". The apartment was untidy, but not unclean, and since i wasn't going to see Master til tomorrow, i decided i would just leave it and have a little rest and catch up on some Doctor Who episodes in my queue.
i don't usually receive visitors at my front door, so i was started by the knock. i paused the show and walked over to the eye hole. It was J. My heart raced in anticipation and i threw open the door to admit him. He smiled and came inside. He looked me up and down once and nodded. He ran his hand down my face, down my neck, over my tit, down over my tummy and he grabbed my hand. He looked at the fingernails he told me he was going to check. He dropped my hand. He looked around the apartment, noticing the disarray and when i started to explain, he put up one finger and i shut up and lowered my head. He told me go get my log book and he sat on the sofa. i knew i was toast. i found the book open by the side of my unmade bed. i closed it and brought it to him. He told me to stand facing him and he read the entries--when i had gone to work, when i had gotten home, what the calorie count had been each day, what exercise i had done, if i had masturbated, if i had not masturbated--a star was supposed to accompany every entry where J had told me to masturbate for him, etc. The logbook was up-to-date...through Wednesday...a fact he was just now discovering as my heart began to rev. He read the last entry and turned the page. He turned back to the last entry. He closed the book and set it in his lap. i could feel his eyes on me, but i did not look at him. He sighed and stood up. He came over to me and he said in a low, slow voice, "I trusted you to complete some very simple tasks, krystenah, and you, apparently, decided to make things more difficult for yourself. I need to step out for now. Clean up this place, clean yourself up and get ready for a very long night. Take off your clothes and lock this door after me." i followed his instructions, undressing as quickly as i could and i locked the door behind him. i heard him skip down the steps, untroubled. i worked as fast as i could, tidying up, dusting, making the bed. i made some coffee and cut up some fruit and felt very sorry for myself. i had worked up a sweat by the time Sir returned and when i let him in, he looked past me and handed me a shopping bag. He took his place on the couch. "So you ARE capable of following instructions." He told me the apartment looked better. He told me to open the bag. i did. Inside was a collar and leash. i looked at him, confused.
"Get those eyes down, krys," he said and i did. "Good. Bring those things to me." i started to walk. "Who said you could walk, krys? You are taking too many liberties. You may crawl." i felt something shift inside me. i knelt and crawled to him, the package dragging along beside one of my hands. When i reached him, he told me to kneel, and i did, my knees as far apart as i could manage. He grabbed one of my tits and slapped it very hard. "Try it again, pet. This time, crawl to me properly, with the package in your mouth." i felt a strange sensation inside me. Of course i could identify the shame i felt for bending Sir's rules, but i also felt a good deal of gratitude that He had not walked out of me for disobeying Him. i realized i had taken a very large risk and that i was being given another chance. i found that i wanted to please him again, so i took the package in my mouth and turned away to crawl back to my original position. Sir got up and walked beside me for the last few paces. He told me to stop. He placed His hand on my neck and pushed it to the floor. He told me to open my mouth and he took the bag and took the leash out. He stood behind me and placed his foot between my feet, a signal to open them. i awkwardly separated my knees as much as i could with my head on the floor. Sir pushed down on the small of my back and i thrust my hips up. Sir reached down and stroked my ass. He patted it and then stood back. He began whipping me with the leash he had bought and made absolutely no sounds. i held my position and thrust my hips up as much as i could as the blows rained down on my ass and back. He whipped the bottoms of my feet and caught my pussy with a few licks. "What do you have to say for yourself, krystenah?" He asked, finally. "i disobeyed you, Sir. i thank you for punishing me" i said. He told me he wanted to admire his work for a bit, and i heard him go into the bedroom. He retrieved a plug from the toy box and pressed it into my asshole. He patted it a few times, thrusting it slightly deeper with each pat. He told me to stay put. i heard him pour himself some coffee and bring the tray of fruit to the side table. He had his snack and i felt his eyes on me, but i did not move from my position. i drank in every sensation: the carpet against my face, the stripes tingling on my body, the strain in my low back and felt my punished self. i felt sorry. i wanted to be better. i knew i had much more coming to me and i felt grateful to know that my Master's patience outweighs my willfulness.
Sir instructed me to move toward the wall, so i got up on all fours and crawled there, quickly and carefully. It was difficult with the plug inside me, which is, i am sure, why He asked me to do it. He told me to sit on the floor with the plug inside me "in preparation for later". i tried to relax my muscles as best i could as i lowered myself down until my ass was flush with the floor. Sir crouched beside me and began stroking my neck. i moaned involuntarily, as my neck is incredibly sensitive and i get aroused at His slightest touch. He ran his fingers up and down my neck and began the questioning.
"Where are you right now, krys?" He asked me.
"i am facing the wall, in punishment, Sir," i said.
"And why is that?" His fingers running up and down my neck as lightning bolts of arousal ran down my spine and to my clit.
"i disobeyed You, Sir. i was willful and i arrogantly disregarded Your instructions, Sir."
"And how do you feel now, baby?" His finger traced a path down my neck and down my back down to the plug.
i dipped my head. "i'm so sorry, Sir," i said, my voice catching in my throat.
"Because I punished you, slut?"
"No, Sir. i felt sorry before that. i felt sorry when i first saw You and i knew i had done wrong. i feel just awful now." i wanted to cry, but i knew better than to do that. i had to answer.
He placed his hand on my neck and pulled me to Him. He kissed the top of my head. "that's okay," He said. "You have all night to try to make it up to me. Get up." i stood.
He led me to the bedroom. i clenched, making sure to hold the plug snug inside. He pushed me face down on the bed.
He told me to relax and he took the plug out in one stroke as he thrust his hard cock inside me. i gasped and rose up. He pushed me down and i took in the sensations of his cock deep inside my ass, of my swollen clit, of his thighs slapping against my punished ass. He told me to give hands, and when i pressed them behind me, He grabbed them and held them down in the small of my back.
"Whose ass is this?" He asked me.
"It's Yours, Sir." i said.
"What is going on right now, krystenah?" He asked.
i could hardly catch my breath, but i told Him, "My Master is fucking this sub's ass."
"And what do you say, my slut?"
"Thank You, Sir. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You."

The Inspection

 i was cooking and i had placed a bag of trash from the kitchen on the front porch. My Master had told me countless times to keep the front door locked, but i didn't latch the door since i had the trash to take care of. When He walked through the door, thus noticing i had left it unlocked again, He spanked me in the entrance way, his arm grasping my shoulders. It was a series of long hard strokes, but it was over in a moment because He told me He had a present for me. He told me to go go undress.

When i came back in to the living room, i saw Him dropping a leash on the floor and walking toward me with a dog collar in His hand. i was excited and anxious. Sir knew of my fantasy to wear a dog collar and that no one had ever fulfilled that fantasy with me. He had me turn away from Him while He adjusted the collar around my neck. He told me to kneel and then to crawl to wear the leash was and to bring it back to Him in my mouth. As i crawled toward the leash, i felt a primal arousal from deep inside me. i love it when Sir sets up these situations in which we enact our dynamic. He knows how much i love to be placed in a subservient position to Him as much as i know how much He loves to have control over His sub. i nearly dropped the leash out of my mouth as i crawled back to Him because i was grinning so much. He told me i might not be smiling in a little while. He told me He was going to inspect the apartment and the job i had done cleaning it. That is what we did. He walked and i crawled. He led me room to room and from my new perspective, i saw where the vacuum cleaner had missed a snippet of paper in the dining room and the wet mop had missed a coffee stain in the kitchen. Whenever Sir pointed out a mistake, or had me point it out to Him, he whipped me with the leash. i got rug burns on my knees. i have never been happier.

He placed a bar stool in the living room and told me to lean over it. He began spanking me as punishment for the sloppy job i had done, and i kept breaking position, lifting my feet, one then the other, when the strokes stung particularly much. Sir unsnapped the leash and tied my ankles to the legs of the stool. He told me to grasp the legs with my hands and he told me not to move.

My Master used the whip on my back, ass and thighs and then He went and got the hairbrush. I didn't know what it was when He started and so i turned my head to look, which increased the strokes in number and intensity. i was moaning, on the edge of all the sensations. i felt grateful to have a Master who cares enough to push me to be a better sub, to be true to my word, to aim to reach His high standards. My ass and thighs were stinging and i rode the waves of sensation until he stopped.

i hadn't heard Him undo his shorts, but i felt the head of His hard cock pressing past my lips. i sucked hungrily and gratefully. i felt honored, as i always do, to take His gorgeous cock into my mouth and attempt to please Him with it.

We agreed later that tall bar stools work nicely as a makeshift spanking horse and are the perfect height for Him to use when i have to be punished, especially when i have been particularly bad and He needs me to stay still. i am sitting on one now as i write this, wishing i had a plug up my ass, prepping the ass He owns for His use.


i am extremely distracted today. i should be working on a writing assignment due the end of the month or making a grocery list or folding the laundry mountain in front of the TV, but my mind is wandering. i haven't seen my Master since Wednesday, but when he checked in on me last night, i felt like we have moved onto a new level somehow.

In the time we have known each other, my Master has told me to do certain things inside and outside the bedroom to please Him. For instance, He has told me to grow out my fingernails, which i habitually bite. Since i told my Sir that i wanted to lose some weight, He required that report back daily to Him on the level of exercise i do every day. From time to time, i have to shave myself or dress a certain way for His pleasure or use some of our toys on myself (or NOT use some of our toys) when He can't be here to use this body he owns. Last night i told Him that i was cleaning the apartment and He told me that the next time he sees me, he is going to inspect the job i do with the cleaning. This thrilled me no end because it feeds into a domestic discipline fantasy i have had for as long as i can remember.

As it happens, i am pretty good at cleaning house and i enjoy it, for the most part. i know that my Mister has very high standards and very good eye for detail, though, so to please Him, i am going to have to an extra good job. i like it that He takes such a specific interest in my life and that He wants my life to get better in all these little ways--all for His pleasure, of course, which makes me wet all over again.

So, the fantasy:
i have just finished cleaning the apartment and i am on my hands and knees in the kitchen, getting the last little bit up from the floor when He walks in. "Don't move," he says, and i freeze. He walks through the apartment, room to room, checking my work. The longer he takes, the more my anxiety grows. He has told me that he will be checking my work from now on and so i have worked harder than usual with the aim of pleasing Him. Pleasing Him has become my focus more and more over the past several weeks but my own desires sometimes still cloud my thinking and i fall short of the mark. When that happens, of course, i am punished. This is Sir's gift to help me remember my place and role and truest nature.

When He walks into the kitchen, He stands over me and presses my knees apart so that they are wider than my hips. He positions my head down so that it is on the floor. He runs his hands down from my shoulders to my hips and grasps my shorts. He tugs them down and off. He asks me if i think i did a good job with the cleaning. i tell Him that i did my best. i hear Him undo his belt and take it out of His belt loops. "Really?" He asks me and i respond, "i did the best i could, Sir." "I disagree, krystenah," He says and places a paper at my eyeline. "Let's go over your inspection," He says, and we do. He has catalogued every room and as we go through the checklist He has compiled, He has me read out what has not passed His inspection as He whips me with His belt. It quickly becomes clear that what i consider a good job doesn't hold a candle to what my Master will require.

Humbled and striped from His attentions, He tugs me up my the elbow and tells me to strip the rest of the way. i do so and He watches over me as i correct my mistakes in the apartment. He uses the hairbrush on me in the bathroom, the wooden salad spoon in the kitchen, the ruler in the office.

He tells me to get into the shower and after i have soaked my muscles and washed away all the sweat and tears, He climbs in and has me kneel. i caress His cock and balls and rub my face on His erection. i lick His balls and take His cock deep into my throat. i hold it tight inside my mouth and move it slowly in and out of it as He has trained me to do. i fuck His cock with my mouth and when He commands, i hold my hands in the small of my back as he pulls my hair and fucks my mouth the way He likes. The water runs down my punished ass, but i can't feel anything beyond the pleasure of being used by my very patient Master.

The Entitled Slut Gets What she Deserves

She walked into the shop and I knew she was going to be trouble. It never fails that when things are going smoothly on a nice quiet day, I get a clueless, entitled princess who demands all my attention. She strode in on stiletto heels rocking a mini skirt and halter top. She wasn't bad-looking, but I was waiting on one of my regulars, Dave, at the counter. She looked around and after no one welcomed "her majesty" to the store, cleared her throat and asked, "Can somebody please help me?" Benji, the new kid, came lumbering out from the back to ask me something, took one look at her, and gawked shamelessly. He looked at me and I nodded. He loped up to her, like a puppy. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and looked him up and down. I continued waiting on Dave and kept one ear perked up in case Benji needed something. Her voice cut through the air like a mockingbird's. From what I could tell, she needed wheel covers, but she had no idea what size her tires were. Typical. Dave shook his head, obviously having listened to the exchange between the girl and Benji. "She needs a good spanking, is all." I chuckled and added, "I'd volunteer for the job. That is one spankable ass." Pretty soon we were all turned looking at her. She looked up, aware that she was the subject of the laughter and leers, but unsure why. "Excuse, me," she said, helped by Benji, holding her package in her hand, "can someone please tell me what is so fucking funny?" At that the shop got quiet as a church. We cut up in my shop, but rough language is just not tolerated. Anyone who is a regular knows that and it has never been a problem with my customers. "Miss," I said, losing it, "I run a respectable shop here and that language is not acceptable in this establishment. Dave here had suggested that you needed a good spanking and I have to say that I couldn't agree more. Your attitude since you walked in has been rude, self-entitled and demanding. Now, as soon as I am done with my customer who has been waiting patiently, I'll be happy to check you out." I turned back to Dave, and handed back his change. Out of nowhere we began to hear her blubbering. Again, we turned to see her, wiping her eyes and moaning. "I'm sorry," she whimpered. "You are right. I was rude and I probably do need a good spanking. I haven't had one since my boyfriend left me last week. He used to take care of all this, this car stuff..." she dissolved into a pool of tears as Dave walked over to her and set his hand on her shoulder. She looked into his eyes and whispered, "I'm sorry I was rude to you, Sir." She seemed like a new girl, but we were all knocked on our heels when she asked Dave tentatively, "WOULD you spank me, Sir? I know it would help my attitude." Dave nodded once, curtly as he sent Benji for a chair from my office. Dave took hold of her hand. "Tell me what you need, Sweetheart." She finished wiping her nose and took a deep breath and smiled a quick smile. She looked almost relieved. "Sir, I need you to spank me as you see fit for my rudeness and my insensitivity. I came in here demanding service like a bad little brat and I need an attitude adjustment." Benji had brought the chair and Dave sat on it and asked the girl if she was sure. She said she was. Dave pulled her across his knee and positioned her so that her head was almost touching the floor and that ass was pointed toward the ceiling. He wasted no time and soon the sounds of the smacks on her ass mixed with her moans. The fellows and I watched Dave working away on her naughty ass. After a while, Dave flipped her skirt up so that it lay on her back and he had her stand and take her panties down. He had obviously spanked his share of bad girls in his time and she obviously knew the drill. It was a thing of beauty to behold her ass growing a deeper and deeper pink and then a deep red. When Dave smacked the very top of her ass cheeks, close to her back, she seemed to scream the most and when he told her spread her legs, and she didn't comply immediately, he stopped and told her that she had earned an extended session with the belt. She cried without shame, nodded and spread her legs. Dave checked her pussy and reported to us that she apparently was enjoying her punishment a little too much. He called Benji over for collaboration. Benji padded over and thrust his mitt into her muff. "Oh, Shit!" he looked at me. "Boss, she is soaked." Dave pulled her up and walked her over to the counter. "Now, Missy. this is not funtime. You asked to be punished and here you are, soaking my trousers. I see that we need to step things up a little. Bend over the counter." She was openly crying now as Dave told her to bend over and put her arms across the counter. He told me I'd probably have to hold her down. I grabbed her wrists and held her down as Dave took his belt off and began whipping her ass. She was screaming and crying, begging to be let up, but Dave worked her over, striping her ass over and over, a determined expression on his face. "I just can't abide a self-important little bitch." After a time Dave and I switched places and it felt good to wallop her ass and thighs. She cried and pleaded, offering to suck our cocks and take our cocks in her ass. She must have said she was sorry 50 times or more. Finally I felt like she had taken enough and I stopped. Her body shook with tears and she stood up, when I told her she could and she turned to me and collapsed in my arms. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," she cried into my shoulder. I looked over at Benji, who had been stroking himself unashamedly behind the counter. "Go help that poor boy out, Missy. Suck his cock and we'll call it even." She nodded and walked, in a haze over to Benji. He stood up and she knelt before him. She hungrily took his erect cock into her mouth up to the hilt and cupped his balls, as he grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her mouth. Dave and I retired to the back office as we heard Benji finishing inside her mouth and we agreed that it had been a very nice day, indeed.

Four Times Fast

My Master has been training me to cum on demand.

This morning over im i was describing a sexual dream i had had where a female friend of mine had gone down on me and then spanked me with a salad spoon. "But don't get any ideas, Sir," i had said, "in real life i am not into girls." Suffice it to say, i earned some strokes the next time we are together for my tone and for not remembering my place. Sir was displeased at my words and He said that He would get ideas if He felt like it and i shouldn't tell Him not to. After reading his scathing words, i finally asked what i could do now to please Him. He ordered me to cum for Him four times fast.

It took about 20 minutes, but with my fingers and my imagination i was able to comply with his order.

First i imagined Him coming to my door and taking me into the kitchen. Within moments, i was on all fours on the kitchen floor, my face touching the floor and my ass presented to Him. He asked me if i thought He liked driving all the way across town to come to punish my ass. He asked me how long it was going to take until i learned my place. He spanked my ass with spatulas and spoons. He said he was going to cover my ass in bruises so i wouldn't forget whose ass that was. The next day when i was dressing, walking up stairs or sitting at my desk, i would have a reminder that that ass belongs to Him. He told me that he was giving me the opportunity to feel my place and He told me to thank Him because i might have other people fooled, but He knew my true nature. (Orgasm #1)
Next i imagined i was laying across my master's lap as he watched TV. He spanked me and held my legs clamped in His. When He grew tired of spanking my naughty ass, He had me sit at His feet with a plug inside my ass. He told me that i could look forward to a long night over his knee and on my knees undergoing training. (Orgasm #2)
i wasn't sure i could cum anymore as my body was vibrating and shuddering. My Master had demanded it, though, so i imagined a scenario i have been going to lately. i am working for a boss i have a lot of contempt for. i routinely take potshots at him with my co-workers and imagine that i am very clever for creative time-wasting (or sometimes from stealing from petty cash). One day my Master shows up and i get my things ready to go to lunch. Instead, he walks past me into my boss' office. After 10 minutes or so, my boss calls me in. When i walk in, confused, my Master tells me that He has been hearing some very disturbing news from my boss. "You know much better than this, slut," he says to me. i try to laugh it off, looking from my Master to my boss, confused, heart racing, completely humiliated. i try to signal to my Master with my eyes not to call me that at work. It doesn't work. He tells me to get on my knees and i have to comply. My Master tells me to put my hands behind me in the small of my back and i do it. My boss is, of course, impressed and aroused. My master explains that He and my boss have come to an agreement. For stealing time, i will have to come into my boss' office on my lunch hour and stand, naked, in time out. He will continue to take meetings and if anyone asks what the story is, i will have to explain that i am being punished for my bad performance at work and that i am learning my place. In addition, after my Master teaches my boss how to properly paddle me, i will submit to being paddled at his discretion until he is satisfied that i have learned my lesson. My Master tells me to undress and stand in the corner and await the paddling that will no doubt be lengthy because He has to make sure my boss knows how to properly discipline me. By this time a crowd has gathered at the door, so my boss opens the door and announces to everyone that they are welcome to watch as i get punished. (A rolling 3rd and 4th orgasm)...

And now i am highly aroused once again, but without express permission, i won't be able to relieve myself until He tells me i can.